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815+ is a tabletop RPG for 2+ players and a gamemaster that emulates the TV series LOST. Players are survivors of a crash on an strange tropical island that proves to be more than meets the eye.

Character creation takes just seconds with only 2 stats and a couple background questions to answer. Players will struggle to find a balance between PLANE (physical and mechanical thinking) and ISLAND (social and spiritual thinking) in order to survive.

Originally a postcard RPG for my Patreon series, 815+ is an expanded form included a bit more detail on character creation as well as a gamemaster section consisting of various dice tables for populating your island with threats and mysteries.

2+ players. Lightning fast character creation. Random island creation for easy GM prep. Released July 2018. Print edition (4.5" zine) available in our store. PDF and character sheets available as pay-what-you-want downloads via payhip.