My Saga as "World Champ Game Co."

Where this section once told a sort of professional sounding story of the development of WCGC, it felt disingenuous.

World Champ is a 1 person operation currently, from design, development, graphics, and order fulfillment. I'd love to work with other designers and artists in the future, the stars just haven't aligned yet. 

My focus recently is in outsider art or emotional games, ones that you won't likely find on shelves or getting licensed to bigger publishers. It exists in a niche within a niche and I'm happy to stay there and keep making the games that I want to make. I like heavy music, sad stories, tattoos, and wrestling, and I want to integrate those interests into tabletop games and RPGs.

My physical games are cheap, I don't make many copies of them if we print them at all, and the PDFs are all free. When I make a card or board game, I get the pieces from printers and manufacturers as local as possible and I assemble them myself. I'm going to keep making games that are interesting and that hopefully illicit emotional responses and I'm going to keep giving them out. I want you to play them and feel something.