Babes in the wood

Download Character Sheets and Moves List as PDF here.

Babes in the Wood is a tabletop RPG for 2-5 players where kids lost in an endless mysterious forest on Halloween night will solve problems, face fears, and test friendships.

Using this book and 2 six-sided dice, players will act as Big Kids, Little Kids, and Animals as they explore the Wood. They'll meet many interesting and weird folks, talking animals, dangerous beasts, dark turtles, and if they're especially unlucky... the Fiend. The mechanics of this game encourage creative problem solving and discourage violence. The Gamemaster section includes setting information and 6 playable scenarios to weave into your own story. 

For fans of Over the Garden Wall, Alice in Wonderland, English nursery rhymes, and Halloween. Babes in the Wood is Powered by the Apocalypse. 

2+ Players. Quick to begin. Released October 1, 2017. Printed books & PDFs are available in our store and at DriveThruRPG