Spring 2017 Update

Hello! In the time since our last blog post, we've got 2 new games coming out! 3 games in 4 months is a pretty solid start to 2017!

Firstly, in February we released Carder Harmonies, a set-building card game from La Dispute. We'd been developing and testing this game in secret for months and it finally shipped to members of the LD Subscription Series and damn, it felt good. Response has been good, and we're happy to share a wider release is now available! Carder Harmonies 2nd Edition, which has some new cards, supporting 1-3 players now. Subscribers will have access to an option upgrade pack that also contains 6 exclusive song cards to bring their copy of the game into the 2nd edition. 


And in two weeks, our next game will be available, called Tat's All Folks! TAF is a 2 player worker placement micro-game, consisting of 8 cards, 6 of which creating a modular game board, 1 card to be cut up and used as player pieces, and a final card containing the rules. This game was designed from the start to be the most economical possible, in terms of packaging and price point. Taking that into consideration, the physical copies of the game are pay-what-you-want! We'll be debuting the game at Free Comic Book Day at Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids, May 6th. Any remaining physical copies will be in the World Champ Webstore the following week. A free print & play PDF will also be made available on our site for those unable to get their hands on one of the limited physical copies.

As usual, there are a few more games in the pipeline, and we're looking to keep the momentum going through 2017! Updates on those as they come about. For more regular news, you should follow us on instagram.com/worldchampgameco. Until next time, keep playin games y'all.

Snow Day is HERE

Today is the day, SNOW DAY is now available! Head over to our store to purchase a copy. The first edition of the game (which includes an exclusive lapel pin) is limited to 100 copies, so don't wait too long.

And for those of you in Michigan, there are also a limited number of copies available in person at Vault of Midnight. Just ask the super friendly staff, and if they'll set you up. 

Super excited to share this game with all of you and happy to have you along for the ride as we continue designing games and pursuing small press/diy game making! Its a challenge to be this size in an enormous industry, but one we think is well worth pursuing.