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Carder Harmonies

Carder Harmonies is a 1-2 player card game from La Dispute. Using song cards, you'll build set lists of varied length, trying to get the most applause points possible. Broken strings and Technical Difficulties may derail your plans, but you can push your luck searching for that perfect song to finish your set. Utilizing hand management, luck pushing, and set collection, Carder Harmonies is perfect for any tabletop gamer or LD fan!

Now in the 2nd Edition, support for up to 3 players. Also new in the update are Block Modifiers, another type of card to add additional restrictions to your Blocks, either granting you bonus Applause at the game's end or costing you points upon failure. LD Subscribers have access to an update pack to bring your 1st edition game to the 2nd, also including 6 exclusive new Song cards.

1-2 players. ~10-20 minutes. Exclusive to LD Subscription Series Feb 2017. Second Edition available now via La Dispute. View Carder Harmonies on BoardGameGeek.