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Final Judgment

Final Judgment is an area control/hand management card game for 1-2 players based on occult practices and Tarot decks. Players will draft decks based on 4 gods: Jehovah, Christ, Satan, and Lucifer, and then use these cards to compete for Influence in a shared spread of cards called the Common Realm. Players will take various actions to maintain cards from their hand, Personal Realm, and Common Realm to utilize special powers and manipulate their opponent. Players will also use cards from a fifth shared deck, the Major Arcana, to complete secret objectives and gain more points. The player with the most influence at the end of the game is the winner.

Each god's deck of cards contains unique strengths and weaknesses and leads to many diverse playing strategies and increased replay-ability.

Also includes a single player variant with a player-controlled AI called The Fate. The player will have to manage their deck smoothly and make choices for the AI to hopefully complete 7 objectives from the Major Arcana deck as well as have the most Influence over the Common Realm to win, not an easy task. 

1-2 Players. 20-40 minutes. High Strategy. Release April 2018. Limited pre-order (25) available in our store March 2018