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Download Minimum Rage Character Sheet PDF here.

Minimum Rage is a comedy horror RPG for 2-6 players and a gamemaster where slackers and losers have to save the world from evil while making sure they don't lose their retail jobs.

This game uses a d6 pool system and the kind of clever problem solving only a very bored 90s teen could come up with. Various jobs at their comic shop, like the graphic novelist, team leader, or shop regular are playable classes each with unique strengths.

A gamemaster section includes dice tables for generating plot hooks, deploying various monsters, and giving mundane work tasks to your employees.

For fans of Pauly Shore movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clerks, The Evil Dead, and other horror comedies and slacker media.

2-6 players. Easy dice system. Supports 1-shots or campaigns. Ilustrated by Elizabeth Britten. Available July 2018. Print edition (48 page color 5.5x8.5" zine) available in our store. PDFs for the game including character sheets on payhip