One Page RPGS

The following games are all free. Play them, hack them, share them, enjoy them. If you prefer PDFs, they are available as pay-what-you-want downloads on Payhip. And if you'd like to donate to WCGC and help fund more of these games, donate via ko-fi. 



November 2017.

Play as family members enjoying a peaceful holiday that is interrupted by a couple villainous grinches trying to break in. This is your house, you have to defend it. 

For 2+ players of any age. Features a simple 1d6 system, character creation that takes less than a minute, and a rotating gamemaster. Inspired by Home Alone films and the Honey Heist RPG by Grant Howitt.


Snow & Cocoa


Play as school kids on a magical wintery day off from school until someone threatens to cut your fun time short, then spring into action and protect your new found freedom with snowballs and smarts. 

For 3+ players of any age, one of whom will be Gamemaster. Snow & Cocoa is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. Included with copies of Snow Day board game as of September 2017. Includes a plot generator table for instant set up.



3 players travel through time to mend a broken relationship. Uses a rotating game master system so each player can play as each character over the course of the game. Uses a unique rock-paper-scissors style mechanic for conflict resolution. Entire game fits on the back of a postcard which can be mailed.



A philosophical debate RPG for 3 players. Each will play as the embodiment of eternal forces, Love, Hate, and Sadness, as you attempt to convince one another of a utilitarian solution to the earthly end-of-days. Fits on the back of a postcard which can be mailed.