One Page RPGS

The following games are all free. Play them, hack them, share them, enjoy them. If you prefer PDFs, they are available in the store. And if you'd like to donate to WCGC and help fund more of these games, donate via ko-fi. 



November 2017.

Play as family members enjoying a peaceful holiday that is interrupted by a couple villainous grinches trying to break in. This is your house, you have to defend it. 

For 2+ players of any age. Features a simple 1d6 system, character creation that takes less than a minute, and a rotating gamemaster. Inspired by Home Alone films and the Honey Heist RPG by Grant Howitt.


Snow & Cocoa


Play as school kids on a magical wintery day off from school until someone threatens to cut your fun time short, then spring into action and protect your new found freedom with snowballs and smarts. 

For 3+ players of any age, one of whom will be Gamemaster. Snow & Cocoa is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. Included with copies of Snow Day board game as of September 2017. Includes a plot generator table for instant set up.