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Protest Singer

Download Character Sheet & Setlist PDF here.

Protest Singer is a game of magickal music and demonic deals for 3+ players and a gamemaster where groups of musicians cast powerful spells through song to fight oppression, but their powers only work when they offer concessions to devilish forces.

Protest Singer uses 2 different and unique dice mechanics for play. The first is a push-your-luck style game for writing songs, determining how easy or hard it will be to succeed later in the game. The second is a d12 dice pool system for performing the songs that determines the strength of your song's magickal effects. Both of these are made easier when you make deals with the devil, causing you to come into conflict with your personal goals and priorities and weigh them against a greater good.

Includes rules for collaboratively building your setting and establishing your villainous oppressors at the start of the game in addition to 4 pre-generated settings for quicker play.

3+ players. Illustrated by Sally Cantirino. Collaborative world building. Innovative 2-tiered dice mechanics. Available July 2018. Print edition (36 page black & white 5.5x8.5" zine) can be ordered in our store. PDF and character sheets/set lists can be downloaded as pay-what-you-want on payhip.