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Tat's All Folks

Tat's All Folks! is a 2 player worker placement micro-game based on American traditional tattoo artwork. The two players are rival tattooers in a shop, filling in available spots with their signature piece to gain more clients than the other and become known as the best.

TAF was built for economy, both space and price. The modular game board is made of 6 double sided cards, creating 64 possible board permutations. 2 of the cards function as score trackers, sliding along the numerical track created by the remaining 4 cards on the board. A 7th card contains all the rules for gameplay, while a final 8th card can be cut up and used as game pieces. The entire game could easily fit in your wallet!

Following standard worker placement rules, the two players will alternate placing their 3 game pieces on the board to perform listed actions and gain/lose clients over the course of multiple rounds, with the first player to reach 9 clients being the winner. Each player also has a single use special move, called the Dead Man's Switch, that when activated grants them another immediate turn, which can make or break a player's strategy.

2 players, ~10 minutes. Super portable. Released May 6, 2017. Free Print & Play files and remaining physical copies available in our store.